With Bionaut, your production Works

We are a proud part of Planet Bionaut, a Czech-Slovak-Polish production company. Through our network we can maximize the value and quality of your shoot across Central Europe. We have produced 8 primetime TV series and 12 feature films. We can deliver a complete production chain from development and financing to shooting and postproduction.

Production Incentives

We can manage all the paperwork and get rebates for the local spend of your production in:

  • Czechia – 20% back
  • Slovakia – 33% back
  • Poland – 30% back

Experienced Crew

Thanks to more than 24 years of experience with our own projects, we can assemble a professional crew of any size including the best directors and DOPs. We can provide stunning locations or arrange largescale studio production at Barrandov Studios, one of the biggest studios in Europe.

Post-production Facility

We can provide full service post–production with VFX supervision, 2D, 3D or full CG animation. Everything you need.

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​​Vlaďka Poláčková



Jakub Košťál

Producer, project coordinator


Kristýna Valterová

Office Manager

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