Morning Glow


They gave her a name that was not permitted. But she herself chose an exceptional destiny. Bionaut is filming the miniseries Morning Glow for Voyo.

The miniseries follows the story of the Junek family, whose eight-month-old daughter is taken away by child protection services, because the alternative-lifestyle family gave her the “unpermitted” name Morning Glow. The girl was returned to the family after the ombudsman’s intervention, but the case had taken on a life of its own. The media interpret the situation as a clash of petty bourgeois officials using bureaucratic formalism to make life difficult for those they simply do not like. The alternative lifestyle of the Juneks is simply provocative. Morning Glow thus soon becomes a symbol of the despotism of the state apparatus as concerns non-conformist attitudes, and a symbol of civil defiance. Where are the boundaries between normal and alternative? Where is the beginning and end of the freedom of the individual to decide what kind of life he or she will lead, and according to what rules? How should or must the state interfere with parental rights? These and many other questions will be opened up by a new miniseries produced under the Voyo Original brand.

Director and co-author of the screenplay Dan Wlodarczyk (The Specialists, Anděl Crime Investigation Department, Private Traps) says: “We are filming a story based on real events that took place around the turn of the millennium, when many young families decided to live an alternative lifestyle, often in the Šumavas and other remote places. In our miniseries, we follow the story of a family who gave their daughter an unusual name, which triggers a spiral of events leading to her being taken away from the family.” “We want to tell an inspiring story centred on a family and their search for freedom and the right to make their own choices. A strong drama whose heroes are not black and white, they have their dilemmas, but that is why their fates will be inspiring for the audience,” adds Vratislav Šlajer, two-time Czech Lion and International Emmy winner and producer.